Visa will make signatures optional for chipped credit cards

Starting in April of this year, you won’t have to sign for EMV transactions. It’s been about a month since American Express and Mastercard decided to stop requiring signatures for EMV chip credit cards. Now Visa is joining their ranks, making signatures optional for chipped transactions in North America. “Visa is committed to delivering secure, fast and convenient payments at the […]

Software Updates Underway for “Spectre”/”Meltdown” Vulnerability

Recent press reports talk about a newly discovered form of security threat that involves attackers exploiting common features of modern microprocessors (aka chips) that power our computers, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. These attacks, known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”, are getting a lot of attention. People are (rightly) concerned, and it’s of course very important […]

Sign your receipt? MasterCard customers can skip it

Linda Kirkpatrick | October 19, 2017 For many years cardholders were required to sign their name when they purchased something by credit or debit card. But think about the purchases you’ve made over the past week or month. How many of them required you to sign on the dotted line? In my case, I made three […]

Discover card users can redeem their points on Apple Pay

It might save you some cash this holiday season.  Mariella Moon, @mariella_moon Apple Pay gives you many ways to pay for your purchases — and now Discover’s cashback bonus is one of them. Discover and Apple have teamed up to give you the ability to redeem your cashback points through the mobile payment app, so long as you can […]