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We've partnered with industry leading CrossCheck to provide the highest level of service in check processing!

Customized for your business

Our choice of services means that we can provide you with the program that works best for your business. Electronic check processing, standard guarantee, collections, industry-specific premiums or a program that combines these services means that your business pays just for the services you need, and not the ones you don't.

Guaranteed checks!

Check guarantee services protect merchants from incurring the financial loss of accepting bad, bounced or returned checks for reasons including insufficient funds (NSF), closed accounts, fake accounts, and stop payment orders issued by banks.

Saves your business time and money

Guarantee services provide reimbursement on returned checks, electronic deposit saves time and money on banking and our innovative collection products quickly recover late receivables for a low, fixed fee.

Not just credit cards

Why stop at just credit cards? Ask us about our gift card programs, ACH and Check processing, and PIN Debit transactions!

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