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AGMS Desktop Terminal and Swiper

The AGMS Gateway Desktop Terminal gives you access to a secure, PCI Compliant, installed Windows software application on your PC computer. With the ability to run swiped transactions and process at card present retail rates using an encrypted credit card reader connected to your computer and print receipts to your office printer.

AGMS Mobile Pay iPhone and Android Applications

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Cut the cord and take payments from anywhere that you have cell reception with our responsive virtual terminal and free mobile apps for Android and iOS! Our modern gateway portal will re-shape itself for ideal viewing and use on any smartphone or tablet, including iPhones and iPads, allowing you to use the full features of the gateway from anywhere. If you need to swipe on the go, our free iOS and Android apps work with the most secure end-to-end encrypted swipers available, ensuring that even if your device or network is compromised your customers' card information won't be at risk.

Recurring Billing Capabilities

The AGMS Gateway Recurring Billing feature allows you to create transactions that process on a specified schedule and edit that schedule at any time. Recurring plans can have an initial amount, a recurring amount, and be configured to bill every set number of days, weeks, or months either indefinitely or up to a specified date. Additionally, you can decide which day your billing runs on and how many times to automatically re-attempt the transaction if the first attempt fails.

AGMS Gateway Customer SAFE

AGMS Customer SAFE

The AGMS Gateway Customer SAFE provides for secure storage and tokenization of sensitive customer data in our PCI Compliant secure data vault. In addition to storing and protecting the customer payment information, it also stores billing information, shipping information, and up to 20 custom fields, freeing you from the responsibility and risk of storing the data yourself and making sure it stays secure. The Customer SAFE is completely integrated into the Virtual Terminal, Developer API, Quickbooks® Plugin, Desktop Apps, and even Mobile Apps.

AGMS Gateway Hosted Payment Page

Online Payments with AGMS Hosted Payment Pages

The AGMS Gateway Hosted Payment Page allows you to generate a unique page for your customers in seconds that you can place on your website as a "Buy Now" button or send in an email or text message - all with no technical experience necessary! By using our hosted payment page, not only do you save the development time and expense of building a checkout process yourself, but it also completely outsources your payment functions to a secure, PCI Compliant service provider - nearly eliminating your liability for a data breach.

AGMS Gateway Quickbooks Module

AGMS Gateway Quickbooks Module

The AGMS Gateway QuickBooks® Module brings modern features directly into your QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Enterprise, QuickBooks® Premier, and QuickBooks® Accountant software. With just a few clicks, you can send your QuickBooks® invoices to your customers via email using the Online Invoicing feature, receive customer payments directly into your QuickBooks® accounts and settle them against unpaid invoices, and reconcile your deposits as they automatically post into your deposit accounts, and even swipe your customer's card from within QuickBooks®.

AGMS Gateway Express Payment Portals

Express Payment Portals

The AGMS Gateway Express Portals streamlines the process of creating a Hosted Payment Page. Customer information is submitted and a personal checkout link is created for the customer. The link can then be shared with the customer, so that they only need to enter in their billing information to complete the transaction. Express Portals are ideal for businesses with more sophisticated needs who do not have the availability or capability to develop a custom solution themselves, utilizing standard AGMS Gateway APIs.

AGMS Gateway Online Donations

Online Donations for Non-Profit Organizations

The AGMS Gateway Online Donations tool energizes your donations by making it easier than ever for your backers to provide support. The AGMS Online Donations service is a revolutionary new way for churches, charities, and non-profits to automate and streamline their donations without sacrificing huge percentages of those donations to service fees.

Express Daily Reporting Portal

Express Daily Reporting Portal

The Express Daily Reporting Portal provides lightning-fast reporting and exporting of transaction data to custom specifications. Data can be specific to one location and gateway account or span multiple in a single report. Express Daily Reports are a plug-and-play solution to export data in a very specific way for immediate import into an existing business process or system.

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