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Automated secure payments

Let us show you how to use Automated Payments to process transactions in the background.

Get up to date reports on all new automated sales. See any declines or errors, and have successful transaction receipts automatically sent to your customers!

Full control

You can restrict or grant access to reporting, transaction types like refunds and discounts, and account controls to your most trusted employees and partners.

Use what you already own

Don't want to purchase expensive new hardware? Why not use the smartphones and tablets you already own. Check out some of our mobile payment partners and download their apps today.

Easy to setup - Easy to use

Reliable recurring billing can save a business countless hours of hard work. No more calling customers every time a new payment is taken. No more filling out the same billing and account details for your existing customers. Let our automated payments system handle that for you.

Lightning fast

If speed is what you're looking for - hang on to your hats! These transactions are lightning fast! You'll be shocked at how quick new sales are processed - and the speed of up to date and accurate reporting details is striking!


Since the advent of mobile terminals, the biggest concern has always been the reliability of communication. Will I have a good signal? Will I be able to run sales? With our new mobile options - if you have signal on your cell phone then you're good to go!

Lightweight hardware

Use as much or as little as you need. Need a swiper? Check out some of the new lightweight state of the art mobile swipers now available. Want to add a printer? We have those too! Cash Drawers? Sure thing! Or maybe you just want to use your cell phone and nothing else to run new sales. That's fine too! Your options are unlimited!

Automated payments are perfect for:

  • Online subscriptions

  • Gym memberships

  • Rent payments

  • Sports leagues

  • Fitness and Yoga studios

  • Personal trainers

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