With the versatility of using the 3G GPRS data network or a connecting to a Wi-Fi network this is the perfect combination for any mobile merchant.

DEJAVOO Z9 Payment TerminalThe Z11 has a bright color touchscreen for signature right on the display for signature capture. Customize your Dejavoo payment device with a logo on the display. Upload multiple images programmed to scroll while the terminalis in idle mode!

No Wi-Fi available? Use the 3G GPRS networks. Wi-Fi accessible? Save Data usage, connect to Wi-Fi!

Using major 3G GPRS GSM networks eliminate the need for costly Gateways and make SIM and data management easy and flexible. Choose the plan best suited for the volume of business!

Touch screen provides easy, user friendly, navigation with the benefit of signature on the display, ideal for the merchant on the go!

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