Perpetual Pay!

The unprecedented, revolutionary Loyalty and Rewards Program

Undeniably “Word-of-mouth” advertising remains the most effective form of advertising in history. Yet each day businesses throughout the world invest countless advertising dollars into countless alternative forms of advertising simply because there has never been a way to control, promote, or reward word-of-mouth advertising…until now! With the introduction of the AGMS exclusive Perpetual Pay Program businesses can finally invest their advertising dollars in their greatest advertising asset, their very own customers! Perpetual Pay allows you to, among other things, reward your customers based upon the purchases made by new customers they refer to your business.

Your current customers, knowing that for the first time in their lives a business is willing to reward them for their word-of-mouth advertising and promotion of that business, creates unprecedented levels of customer loyalty! As a result, they return to your business more frequently and spend more money each time than they otherwise would have knowing they will be rewarded based upon the purchases made by the friends, family members, and co-workers they continue referring to your business!

When those they refer also join your Perpetual Pay they too begin referring their friends, family members, and co-workers for the same reason. They too remain more loyal to your business, return more frequently, make more purchases, spend more money, and continue promoting your business to their friends, family members, and co-workers! In essence, by incorporating Perpetual Pay, you’re perpetually harnessing the power of word-of-mouth advertising, establishing an endless supply of new customers, and getting maximum, manageable results for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods! Once you realize that Perpetual Pay not only increases your customers loyalty, but more importantly motivates your customers to perpetually persuade their friends, family members, and co-workers to migrate away from your competitors businesses and become your loyal customers instead, you will begin to appreciate the sheer genius behind this exclusive, patented program that produces unimaginable results!!

Active Gift Card

The revolutionary Gift Card Program that actually WORKS!

Since the inception of the Gift Card, salespeople have been making the claim that replacing Gift Certificates with Gift Cards will miraculously bring droves of new customers. Unfortunately, most business owners will attest, these claims were false and the droves of new customers never materialized simply because current customers normally only buy gift cards for other current customers whom they know frequent that same business! Realizing this dilemma AGMS developed and patented the exclusive AGMS Active Gift Cards! Rather than collecting dust on a rack, Active Gift Cards actually do bring people to your business whom otherwise never would have known your business existed! The AGMS Active Gift Card Program exponentially increase the effectiveness of your current passive gift card program as it actually does draws new customers to your business and encourages them to purchase your products as well.

Mobile Apps

A state-of-the-art tool for putting payments in your pocket.

Cut the cord and take payments from anywhere cellular reception is available with our responsive virtual terminal and free mobile apps for both Android and iOS! Using our our modern gateway portal your Mobile App will re-shape itself for ideal viewing on any smartphone or tablet, allowing the full use of all gateway features. Your business can now benefit by allowing your customers to “swipe on the go” using our free Android and iOS apps which work seamlessly with the most secure end-to-end encrypted swipers on the market today. Operate your business from just about anywhere with total peace of mind knowing that, even if your device or network is compromised, your customers' card information will remain safe and neither your customer nor your business will ever be at risk!