What are merchant category codes (MCC) and why do they matter?

An MCC is a four digit code that categorizes your business into industries for Card Brands and payment providers. If you own a business and accept credit cards, chances are that you have a merchant category code assigned to you. Merchant category codes are important in the processing industry for many different reasons.

For example, for the consumer, some credit cards providers offer higher rewards when they make purchases at restaurants or grocery stores. Your MCC allows Card Brands to track those sales and rewards accordingly.

Payment processors use your assigned MCC when you sign up for an account to identify your business type. Industries like Charitable organizations, if categorized correctly, can benefit from special pricing provided by the Card Brands.

For Visa cards, you may be able to find a merchant's code in the Visa Supplier Locator Tool, published online. Mastercard publishes its codes in the Quick Reference Booklet – Merchant Edition. American Express supplies the code to each purchase on your statement.

This small four digit code can have a big impact on your processing account. It is important to be classified correctly so you can take advantage the benefits of your industry. Get in touch with one of our highly trained advisors who can review your MCC and maximize your benefits.

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