NCR Silver and AGMS offers you unmatched support, simplified point-of-sale technology and a no-compromise commitment to helping you and your business succeed

NCR Silver Restaurant Point of Sale

You can turn your iPad tablet into a complete POS system, capable of sales reporting, employee management and more.

Reduced liability for one. You'll also be able to meet consumer demand and accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

From taking mobile payments to accessing sales reports, cloud technology makes your point of sale a POS system.

NCR Silver Basic

NCR Silver

The app that started it all. Bust lines with mobile payments, enjoy intuitive sales reporting, offer seamless loyalty rewards, and manage your business. From boutiques to bars, and small businesses to franchises, NCR Silver — available on iOS devices or the Android-based Silver Register — will take you where you need to go, and beyond.

NCR Silver Pro

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Enjoy table mapping, offer happy hour specials and so much more. With the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition app for iOS devices, restaurateurs have innovative and intuitive technology to turn the tables.

Add Serious Functionality with NCR Console and Other NCR Silver Add-Ons

With Silver Console, you have super-detailed reporting and easy-to-use management tools ... in one time-saving dashboard.

  • With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting, you'll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.

  • Managing your servers and other employees is also a breeze, thanks to auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports.

  • you have in-depth data in your product mix, you can better manage your stock.

Customize as you see fit. Improve your bottom line. Free up time to do what you do best: Serve customers.

NCR Silver Console

NCR Silver EMV Reader

NCR Silver EMV Benefits

  • EMV cards better protect consumers and merchants against credit card fraud with computer chips that create unique codes for each transaction

  • Liability for fraudulent credit card transactions has shifted to merchants who aren't outfitted with EMV technology.

  • The EMV card reader for NCR Silver is capable of accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment services.

  • Consumers are getting used to chip payments and will expect merchants to offer a more secure alternative to magstripe technology.

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