Sign your receipt? MasterCard customers can skip it

Linda Kirkpatrick | October 19, 2017

For many years cardholders were required to sign their name when they purchased something by credit or debit card. But think about the purchases you’ve made over the past week or month. How many of them required you to sign on the dotted line? In my case, I made three quick stops on the way into work this morning and didn’t scribble my name for any of those purchases.

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Discover card users can redeem their points on Apple Pay

It might save you some cash this holiday season.

Apple Pay gives you many ways to pay for your purchases — and now Discover’s cashback bonus is one of them. Discover and Apple have teamed up to give you the ability to redeem your cashback points through the mobile payment app, so long as you can fulfill a set of requirements. You’ll obviously have to add your Discover card to Apple Pay, download the Discover app, have a rewards balance higher than the amount of the item you want to purchase and, most importantly, you have to be using an iPhone 6 or later.

To redeem your cashback rewards, simply choose Discover on Apple Pay, select “Tap for Details” when you get the redemption message and then tap to redeem your bonus. There’s just one important thing to take note of: you can’t redeem your rewards if you’re on T-Mobile’s network. Unfortunately, it could make redemption harder while you’re on the go if you’re a T-Mo customer, since you’ll have to disconnect your mobile internet and find a WiFi connection instead. We were told that the card provider is working to make the feature available to all Apple Pay users, though, so the issue could be fixed in the near future.

Mobile payments to overtake credit cards by 2019, says UN report

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In the near future, we’ll be paying for goods and services with our phones rather than our credit cards, says a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


In 2014, 51 percent of payments in developed countries were made with credit cards. However, that number is expected to dip to 46 percent in 2019 as advances in technology will make it easier for people to pay for things with their phones.  This won’t apply to developing nations, where cash is still the preferred choice.

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MasterCard Launches Fraud Early-Detection Tool for Issuers

By JoAnn DeLuna / October 04, 2017

While it can take between six months or even as long as 18 months for a credit card breach to be detected, it takes nine minutes or less for a criminal to use stolen credit card data, MasterCard SVP of security standards and solutions Bruce Rutherford said. With an increasing number of businesses and smartphones being hacked, MasterCard has launched Early Detection System, which alerts MasterCard commercial and consumer credit card issuers their accounts may have been compromised.

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Cayan Adds TSYS EMV Certification

BOSTONOct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In the rapidly evolving retail environment, it is critical for merchants to stay nimble and have the ability to change their payment processor as business needs dictate. Building on its mission to make payments seamless and flexible for retailers, payments technology company Cayan® has announced its sixth EMV certification with TSYS, a leading global payments provider. With this latest certification, Cayan is now certified with six of the largest merchant processors in the country. With TSYS EMV as part of Cayan’s processor-agnostic Genius® Platform, retailers have a competitive edge that allows them to maintain their payment technology while having the flexibility to switch their payment processor as needed – for both online and in-store payments – all streamlined through Cayan’s Genius Platform. Continue reading “Cayan Adds TSYS EMV Certification”