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Simple & Powerful

Talech POS

talech’s intuitive design allows you to create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory and view sales with just a few taps.

With over 100 features, talech is powerful enough to handle the most complex tasks for a large business.

  • Setup up a floor plan with multiple rooms. Get a bird’s eye view of your open and seated tables. Tap on a table to start an order.

  • Split shared items across positions to make it easy when it’s time to pay the check.

  • Assign courses and dispatch tickets to multiple printers with a few taps.

EMV Ready & Secure

Accept chip, contactless and and swipe payments with a choice of multiple payment terminals and processors.

  • Protect your customer card data with end-end encryption and the latest authentication technology.

  • Speed up your checkout lines by skipping signatures for small amounts. Set custom suggested tip amounts to make sure your servers are rewarded for their hard work. Make closing a breeze with tip adjust and settlement.

  • Grow sales and and gain new customers with our physical and gift card solutions. Create high-resolution plastic gift cards or brand our email and digital cards with your logo.

Talech POS Order Screen

Check-in. Check-out.

Appointments with talech

Manage appointments, sell products and services, create discounts, track inventory, collect tips and sell gift cards all in one app.

Customer Management

Capture customer information at the point of sale. Understand how often your customers visit your business, how much they spend, what they purchased during their last visit and their preferences.


Get paid the way you want with options for fixed or variable duration services. Define which services can be performed by certain staff memebers to track utilization and performance.

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